Please read this article first. Then see the steps below.

  1. Set up Braintoss with your primary email address.
  2. From Braintoss, send a note with the text set from unique. This configures your account so that Braintoss sends your emails from a unique email address, something necessary for FacileThings to recognize what emails are yours.
  3. From Braintoss, send another note, now with the word settings. This causes Braintoss to send you an email with your setting values. Pay attention to the BTid parameter, because its value will be the prefix of your unique email address in Braintoss.
  4. In the FacileThings Account option, Emails section, add an email address formed with the value of the BTidparameter followed by (it will be something similar to
  5. Braintoss will forward the confirmation email issued by FacileThings to your inbox. Click on the button “Confirm your new email” that you will find in that email (if the message doesn’t arrive in HTML format, look for a link that begins with “” and click on it).
  6. In Braintoss, change your primary email address to (replace BTid with the value of your unique identifier).

See also the FacileThings tutorial: