In general if your favorite app has the option to email into your project/list/board, then you should be able to send a Braintoss to it.

So when using Braintoss with a GTD system like Trello, Todoist, Evernote etc please do the following: 

  1. First enter your primary* email account in Braintoss as your default address. This is needed so Braintoss can relay messages from the GTD system to your primary email account. For example to verify your email address or any errors occurring on the GTD system.

    * Primary email account is either your personal work email or your private email account.

  2. If you have set up your primary email account in the Braintoss app on your phone send a Braintoss Note with the text “set from unique”. This will ensure you have your own unique Braintoss address.

    If you started using Braintoss after March 1 2021 you have been automatically set to a unique Braintoss address.

  3. To test if this process went well send a Braintoss message to your primary email account. Upon reception of this message reply to it and this reply should also show up in your primary email account's inbox. If this fails contact Braintoss support at But do give it some time.

  4. You can now enter your GTD system's email address in Braintoss.

 More information on MeisterTask see this article on their website.