Sometimes it may help to change the way the email arrives in your inbox. This can be done by sending commands to the Braintoss server using the Note function of Braintoss.

The first command is the word Settings. If you open Braintoss, then open a Note and type Settings and press send, you will receive an email with all server side email settings for that specific address (it will arrive in your inbox). See also the illustration at the end of this article.

Other commands start with the word Set followed by specific instructions. For instance, if you send a Note saying Set signature off then the email signature (including the Braintoss logo) will no longer be sent. This is helpful if you send emails to online task services like Trello or Slack. Other popular settings are:

  • Set Plain to remove all formatting
  • Set Textattachment off to remove the body text
  • Set AudioAttachment off to remove the MP3 file (in case your firewalls blocks them)
  • Set Location off if you do not want to show the address marker
  • Set Default to put all settings back to default for that address
  • Set Prefix your_prefix to change the prefix '[Braintoss]' in the subject of the email.
    An empty your_prefix will clear the prefix.Do NOT use an emoji as a prefix.
  • Set Postfix your_postfix to add a postfix to the subject of the email.
    This can be used to add #tags or @mentions.
    Do NOT use an emoji as a postfix.

For a complete list of all setting please see this article:

Open Braintoss, open a Note and then type the command you wish to send to our servers. In this example the Settings command.

IMPORTANT! If you have multiple email addresses in Braintoss you have to do the Settings for each individual address separately! So If you have 3 email addresses you have to set the Settings 3 times.