Set plain

Footer off


Thumbnails off

Html off

Location off

Set evernote

Footer off


Thumbnails off

Html on

Location off

Postfix @Braintoss #Braintoss

Textattachment off

Set footer (on/off)

Set flag (on/off) 
(See also:

Set subjectsize (>=1 & <=255)

Set from (unique/default)

Set ocr (on/off)

Set transcribe (on/off)

Set attachment (on/off)

Set textattachment (on/off)

Set audioattachment (on/off)

Some mail servers do not allow mp3 files as attachment

Set pictureattachment (on/off)

Set html (on/off)

Set caps (ucwords/ucfirst/on/off)

Set thumbnails (on/off)

Set debug (on/off)

Set location (on/off)

Set prefix (“text”)

No text is no prefix 

Set postfix (“text”)

No text is no postfix 

Set language (“language-region code”) 

Is your language not supported in the app you can try to set it yourself.

Maybe you are lucky and is your language in beta or alfa testing. See the list below.