Having released v4.0 for iOS let's briefly explain some of the changes and new features

Start Braintoss in your favourite mode using 3D Touch

Devices that support 3D Touch can launch Braintoss in your mode of choice (say voice record or note type) directly from the Braintoss icon. Especially handy if you have Braintoss in your dock for quick capture.

Start Braintoss in your favourite mode every time using Quick start

In the settings of Braintoss you can choose to let the app start in the same mode when opening the app and after completing a message. This means you can start typing directly or open Braintoss in voice record automatically (handy in combination with Siri).

Send a Braintoss from other apps using the Share function

From other apps you can now quickly share what you are looking at (images, URLs, etc) using the default share tool (). A great way to capture inspiration and reminders on the go.

Scan a document, receipt or business card using the OCR function

In the image section you will notice a new button on the top left of a document icon. When activated we will process the image with optical character recognition (OCR) and paste the result in the body of the email and as RTF and PDF attachments.

Improved camera features (selfie mode, flash)

Also in the image section you can now switch to the front camera and force the flash on or off (default auto)

Paste text or images with the clipboard button

If you have copied text or an image to your clipboard you can paste it with one click in Braintoss notes, image or 3D touch mode.

More languages for voice recognition

We have expanded the list of supported languages to 70 languages and dialects. To change the language go to the Braintoss settings.

Apple Watch: Complication

On your Apple Watch, you can now add Braintoss to any watch face as a complication.

Apple Watch: Sound files

In this release we swapped from using Siri for voice transcription to our own transcription service, so recording from the Watch and recording on the iPhone is now processed in the same way. The reason we used Siri before is because in the first release of WatchOS it was not possible to record sound files.