We have learnt that emails that are not getting through to inboxes can have different reasons, what to do?

- First check if the email is not in your Junk or Spam folder, for more detail see Why do my messages end up in my Junk or Spam folder?

- If it is not in your Spam folder, You can check if it is centralized filtering by choosing a different email address or else testing the service by replacing your email address with debug@braintoss.com (this will end up with us for troubleshooting) and put your own email address in the body of the text note

- If it is central filtering, please request your provider (or helpdesk) to add braintoss.com to the whitelist of allowed senders. Alternatively email us at info@braintoss.com and we will take care of it

- Some drop boxes of cloud services (eg Highrise or Todoist) need you to add email addresses you want to send emails from. In this case you will have to add braintoss@braintoss.com into your own account to stop email being blocked.