Braintoss is very easy to use. Yet a quick read of the tips in Getting Started and Tips & Tutorials will help you get the most benefit out of your reminder app. Braintoss uses different components of your phone to make it easier to drop your thoughts in your inbox. The camera, the microphone, the GPS and the keyboard are all “extensions of your senses” to easily create a rich memory.

We can highly recommend putting the Braintoss app close at hand. Most time management coaches we know have put the app straight in their dock next to Phone and Text (or at least the first page of apps). This way opening the app when you want to save a thought is quick and easy.

The Braintoss promise is that we will send a file to your inbox of the note you typed, the picture you took or the audio you recorded. Yet to make the email easier to use we will try to describe the picture, transcribe the audio or even create a PDF or vCard of your document or business card. We will also tell you where you were when you had the thought and for special items like QR Codes and URLs we will add additional information about the code or link (these extra options can be altered in the email settings, explained in the next item).


With Braintoss the proof of the pudding is in the eating. It takes a little bit of getting used to and we know that users who try out Braintoss several times in the first week succeed in sticking with the habit. Do give all different options a try once or twice and soon you will be using Braintoss to eliminate paper notes, to capture a good slide on a screen, to drop yourself a voice note when riding or get something of your mind in the middle of the night.


We highly value our own thoughts and use Braintoss to keep them safe. We hope you will enjoy using it the same way.